Meet the 12 Points Crew!


Vaguely aware of the Contest since childhood, a fanatic since 2008, and an ESC blogger since 2009, Samantha Ross made her first sojourn to Eurovision in 2011, and was quickly welcomed into the fold at ESC Insight, where she’s been a contributor ever since. Over the years, she’s been interviewed by BBC World News, SVT, NDR, LBC Radio, and many other national and local broadcasters. She was a semi-regular contributor to Oystermouth Radio’s weekly dedicated Eurovision program, “Wales 12 Points”. Furthermore, Samantha contributed to BBC Radio 2’s coverage of the Copenhagen contest, and was a member of the official web team in 2014 and 2015. She also worked as a member of the Bulgarian Delegation, serving as Assistant Head of Press in Kyiv and Lisbon. When not at Eurovision, Samantha is a regular on the Twin Cities pub quiz circuit, and has volunteered as a moderator for the local high school quiz bowl for over ten years. You can follow Samantha on Twitter at @escinsider.


Erik is a Minnesota native and a Eurovision fanatic. His first major experience with the contest was in 2014, where he attended Sam’s annual ESC preview party, and has been hooked ever since. In 2018, he aided the Bulgarian delegation in selecting their song for that year’s entry (“Bones”), and is excited to be making his first trip to the contest itself in 2020. When not obsessing over Eurovision (or other pop music), Erik is a writer, editor, and tournament director for quiz bowl competitions across the U.S., which is another of his greatest passions. He is also the director of the Bounceback Foundation, a non-profit focused on mental health and suicide prevention in young people. Erik is on Twitter at @erikistweeting.


Danny is a classical actor, writer, and co-host of the popular podcast “12 Points from America.” He’s pretty new to this, being first exposed to Eurovision at Samantha’s 2018 preview party, where the first song he heard/saw was “Toy.” It was all downhill from there, really. He’s not on Twitter, because he’s much cooler than the rest of us.